Topic Decisions!!

        As I began to consider the two topics and two books I had narrowed it down to, I looked through them. For no particular reason, I decided to begin When Breath Becomes Air. While Look Me in the Eye seemed really interesting, I decided I would rather read that as a pleasure book instead of do a research project on it. Now, as I have begun to dive into the topic of cancer, I have been coming up with questions. Questions that interest me and that can help me build my overall question and focus within the topic. I started off listing many questions about research like what are scientists currently working on in cancer and what progressions have been made recently. I moved on to ask more questions about how the treatments worked and how they are decided. Furthermore, I had questions about the cost of cancer treatments, the types of cancer, the effects on mental health, and the scientific causes and mutations.


        I finally discovered what I think I am going to move towards as my question. Looking back at the reason I am interested in cancer in the first place was my involvement with events like Relay for Life, but also that I may want to be a nurse. As I move toward the end of senior year, I would love to figure out my major and end my debate between nursing and education, for the time being at least. With my exploration in the cancer-patient-with-nurseeducation field already, I thought why not look into the nursing side of cancer. When I have thought about being a pediatric nurse, I have always been drawn to oncology. In this way, I would really like to look at how the oncology doctors and nurses work together. Within this topic, I could also look at how treatments are decided, allowing me to research the new developments and research within the cancer field.

medical team discussing results

        I think my book also really pertains to this topic. It is about a doctor who has cancer, allowing the reader to not only view the doctor and nurse relationships but how a doctor becomes a patient and how that can relate. I am not too far into the book yet, so I have only really seen the background of the doctor’s life and not as much the impacts of cancer in his life. I look forward to continuing to read the book the next few weeks and declare my research topic later this week.

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